Curating quality conversation is what we do at INSIDE ASIA. The importance of effective communication of key ideas, trends or challenges is essential in a time of change and uncertainty. Our curated Roundtable events deliver to clients an interactive, content-rich experience that leapfrogs past traditional internal or customer-facing briefing sessions.

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Closed-door Briefing Sessions

Throughout the region - and the world - Boards are being called upon to safeguard the interests of their investors and shareholders. As a result, the character and quality of Boardroom gatherings has taken on a new level of importance and accountability. 

INSIDE ASIA works with you to craft content-driven Roundtable discussions for your Board members by assembling a panel of experts on virtually any subject imaginable. Dialog delivers. And in the case of our curated discussions, Board members leave connected, better informed, and more engaged. 

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In-the-Round Team Engagements

Annual kick-off or quarterly review meetings can be dull and repetitious affairs where emphasis is placed more on what has happened vs. how to prepare for what could happen.


For C-Suite leaders who want to make the most of their valuable leadership meetings and engagements, INSIDE ASIA provides curated Roundtable discussions that challenge conventional thinking and introduce outside perspectives to prepare your teams for what lies ahead.



Open Forum Panel Presentations and Discussions

Struggling to find new and innovative ways to attract your customers, partners and distributors into key sales and marketing events? 

INSIDE ASIA works with you to design content-driven sessions, panels and keynote addresses to energise your audience and engage your buyers. We create, assemble and facilitate on-stage discussions that electrify your audience and ensure the highest possible turnout.